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I still remember this giant beach ball thing being kicked around the stadium. I was not privledged to be at Woodstock but this is probably the closest I will ever get to a day of Peace, Love and Music. No one knew who we were. We staked out a spot near the gates to the stadium. Sometime between Wright and the appears of Peter Frampton, somebody had the bright idea to bring on Mummers, a Philadelphia news-years tradition that brings the very worst of musicianship, taste, and intelligence to the fore. A few months later I started college in Philadelphia and attended many Electric Factory concerts during my college tenure. I've seen hundreds of concerts and the summer of 76 stands alone!! I was only 14 at the time and couldn't believe my parents let me go. They were playing Led Zepplin's Prsence on the PA system at a very low volume which I remember being very annoying and that's when it began and spread all the way around the stadium. You try and explained to friends what happened and you can't, they just don't get ityou had to be there! This started the fight, and years later, another cousin of ours who was there but at a different part of the stadium said, That was you guys?! Long Distance Runaround We're goin!!" JFK Stadium occasionally hosted rock concerts, including the American portion of Live Aid on July 13, 1985.. Dream Weaver received a lot of applause. I was disappointed they were a no show. The rest of the show was spectacular. They started heaving them out the back of the trailer, and the crowd went into a frenzy picking them up. The rest of the band was strong, however, especially Lindsey Buckingham's guitar work and Christine McVie's vocals. Formerly an open-air stadium in Philadelphia, "John F. Kennedy Stadium" and "JFK Stadium" redirect here. Somewhere around 10:00pm or so, YES does a sound check. Wow !!! What a memory. That was a drag but as the sun set and the lasers shot from the stage and Yes music filled the air, that big football stadium became a cathedral. IT WAS HOT AS HELL BUT WHAT A GREAT TIME. Hey man I was there! JFK Stadium occasionally hosted rock concerts, including the American portion of Live Aid on July 13, 1985. [18], While renovation and repairs of the stadium were discussed, this was quickly rejected due to the exceedingly high costs, and it was demolished on September 23, 1992. In 1964, it was renamed John F. Kennedy Stadium in memory of the 35th President of the United States who had been assassinated the year before. Music by Bicentennial Fife and Drum Corps. (Thats who the 2 Jersey girls were there for). Clap Musical acts that appeared in Philadelphia included Madonna, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, REO Speedwagon, The Hooters, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, The Cars, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and Bob Dylan, accompanied by Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, of The Rolling Stones. I am now 60 years old but remember this concert like it was yesterday. Three encores.He stated that was the first time his parents saw him perform in the states..they must have come with him.Then the orange crate fight broke outthere was sh*t getting thrown all over the place.Then YES came out. In 1958, some 15,000 fans attended a CFL game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Ottawa Rough Riders with proceeds from ticket sales going to local charities. Hey Yes fans, it seems a fairly clear memory that Jefferson Starship was originally on the bill, but maybe they pulled out before concert time. SKU: cd-Rolling-stone-12297 Categories: new-2022, Rolling-Stones Tags: 1981 ), PA, Philadelphia . The Fleetwood Mac set was marred by the unreliable vocals of Stevie Nicks, who was disinterested at best and off-key or off-tempo at worst. The Who performed at the stadium on September 25, 1982, early into their (then) Farewell Tour which also supported their album It's Hard. The Show was Incredible I have Been a fan since, have seen many shows over the Years But This and the 90125 Tour at Hershey Park are 2 of my Top Tens.. Ps I was 12 at the Time Wow. [14], Peter Frampton returned from a 7-month lay-off and played with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The J. Geils Band and Dickey Betts & Great Southern, before 91,000 fans, on June 11, 1977.[15]. Through 1989, the Broad Street Run course ended with a lap around the track at the stadium. I can't add much more. The tournament featured several World Cup stars both past and future. We were the first fuckin' act of the day. I drove down to DC and parked within walking . It seems crazy that I would be that young and my mom felt ok dropping me off. know one else on this page has mentioned the moon rise three songs into the show. By then the sun was going down. The Bell seemed to give the WFL instant credibility when it announced a crowd of 55,534 for the home opener, and 64,719 for the second home game. I got the ticket through a ticket agency which also hired a bus and drove about 50 of us from Paterson NJ to Philadelphia. Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning great with coffee! Also featured were Frankie Beverly and Maze, Kool and the Gang, Atlantic Starr, and One Way featuring Al Hudson. Same for the pousette dart band. Five years later, the Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series on October 21 of that year. Thinking I was lost at midnight. people were throwing ropes over the side so there freinds could clime up the side of the statium. We even saw a streaker. No one had any food or drink and I only had $2 to purchase the Wawa orange drink that was 75 cents each. The Spirit of '76. Dur-ring the show some time between the mummers and Framtom I got off a trash fight. Age has settled in me now, but I love that I appreciate it more now. Peter Frampton returned from a seven-month lay-off and played with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The J. Geils Band, and Dicky Betts & Great Southern before 91,000 fans on June 11, 1977. We agreed and thanked him. The sun got to my girlfriend, who fell asleep on the blanket and kept getting kicked inadvertently by those stumbling past. I remember the day starting off with the fairly long early morning drive from NYC, where I grew up, to Philly for the event. It was my first concert so I had nothing else to compare it to but it was fantastic. Doesn't anyone else remember Lynyrd Skynyrd playing at this concert??? It was hot that day. We ran into some other friends during the Yes set and one of them must of been on some good stuff. We were directly in the back, right in line with the stage. The stadium also played host to Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! Thanks so much to the other reviewers for bringing back many lost memories of this special day. There I saw Roger Dean's sets , Alan White's kit, and last and most memorable, Patrick Moraz's Orchestron. Lynyrd Skynyrd played the next year with the J. Giels Band and Peter Frampton was the headliner without Yes.The year before It was Gary Wright,the Poissette Dart Band,The Mummers got booed off the stage,Then Peter Frampton played the year of Frampton come alive and it was in the 90's and everyone was pounding orange aide 16oz. Just then Frampton came on and I do not know what happened to the girl. Everyone was so nice and they asked me questions and made me fell apart of their group. Two years later, the National Football League awarded another team to the city, the Philadelphia Eagles. Frampton was at the peak of his career at that time, but Yes was still going strong especially in Philly. My best friend and I went to the stadium after a party and a few doobs. This may explain the particular craziness that day/night. We walked over to one of the Hotels in the distance and as we walked in the Hotel Jon Anderson was at the front desk, we ran up to him and he was great talked wit us for a couple of mins and then we asked where the rest of the band was? People don't know what the fuck they're talking about. They've tapped into a sound that has changed me and many of us. Was a junior in High School at the time and a group of four of us went down to JFK for a momentous day. WOW, some great memories are sure flying after reading these review's. Had two twelve year old kids sit in front of us that smoked at least twenty joints in three hours. I grew up in Belleville, N.J. and me, my best freind Jerry, Randy, Cherly, and Rudy all hitched-hiked from Beleville, which is just outside Newark the day before and got their late afternoon after a couple of memorable experiences that we won't get into right now. This was a great summer of concerts for me and my friends. July 4, 1976 was a nationwide, non-stop party - and no matter who you were or where you were, you were wearing or waving something with Stars and . Pousette Dart band came out, nobody really gave them a chance but they were pretty nasty themselves on their exit from the stage they said 'GOOD NIGHT JEW JERSEY' addressing the audience, I don't care how pissed off they were, no call for that. Yes, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright and Pousette-Dart Band played the "1976 Bicentennial Concert" here on June 12, 1976 to 130,000 fans. I don't think they even lasted one song before being trashed off the stage. Each section of the main portion of the stadium contained its own entrance, which displayed the letters of each section above the entrance, in a nod to ancient Roman stadia. And everyone that was there that just helped make my journey through concert life the best. I remember feeling sorry for the Mummers while wondering WHY were they on stage at a rock concert!? my freind and i hitch hiked to the concert from exeter township Pa. we smoked some tainted weed wile in the parking lot. You have no judgement. A huge medical tent set up near the back of the stadium erupted into flame, the tent billowing up and down in the heat. inside we found seating as far back in the statium as could be due to the extreem crowd. The laser lights were something beyond belief. por | ago 8, 2022 | anniversary vacation ideas | starbucks coffee coloring pages | ago 8, 2022 | anniversary vacation ideas | starbucks coffee coloring pages In 1976, I saw yes play at JFK stadium in Philadelphia on June 12, 1976. I think everyone was down in 30 seconds. revolution racegear adelaide . Watching the stage change set three times. What a hot day. i arrived early enough with my friends to settle in front of the stage on the field, but we decided to sit all the way up the stands to the left and front (if facing the stage. 1976 Bicentennial Park, Newbern, NC. Well, not so much a streaker as a stroll by nude guy burnt red. THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! Going by instinct and finding my way. all the cops waiting outside for us to exit the stadium. Because Team America was composed of international players and was not the American national team, the Football Association does not regard England's match against Team America as an official international match.[11]. However, even that crowd was swallowed up in the environment. All the bands were fantastic. Band concert at tne pavilion at Cummings Beach, 7:30 P.M. Fireworks, 9:30 P.M. Sunday New York City Manhattan Castle Clinton, Battery Park: Ecumenical. I do remember the Mummers and the water hoses but vaguely remember the shenanigans that other posters mention. The fifth date of The Beatles' final tour took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they performed one concert before around 20,000 people at the John F Kennedy Stadium. he got prety messed up. i have never seen a concert performance like this one. YES / Peter Framptom / Gary Wright / Pousette - Dart Band. The stadium played host to The Monsters of Rock Festival Tour, featuring Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Metallica and Kingdom Come, on June 11, 1988. (The Stones pre-opened the tour with a warm-up show at the Sir Morgan's Cove club in Worcester, Massachusetts, on September 14, 1981.) JFK Stadium hosted Team America's soccer match against England on May 31, 1976, as part of the 1976 U.S.A. We were up in the seats looking down on the crowd when everyone started throwing eveyrthingit looked so funny from up high, like locust descended on the crowd! They disbanded shortly thereafter, due to guitarist Chris Stein being diagnosed with a rare life-threatening disease, pemphigus and The Hunter having sold very poorly. 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar $1,000.00 $5.15 shipping or Best Offer 1976 D MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR ANACS MS-62 RB - OFF CENTER - CERTIFIED SLAB -1C $59.00 $4.00 shipping or Best Offer 1776-1976D Kennedy Half Dollar With MAJOR DIE CLASH ERROR $29.95 Free shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED A few dozen fans were allowed to enter the stadium to attend these rehearsals. the music, the lasers gleaming off everyone. It was estimated that a 130k fans showed up to the event! The most successful concert album of all time had come out in January and the guitarist would essentially recreate at JFK, complete with the "wah-wah"-style "vocoder" vocals and guitar work on tunes like "Do You Feel Like We Do." Birth of a national venue 2022 (MMXXII) was a common year beginning on a Saturday in the Gregorian calendar, the number 2022 anno Domini, in addition to the twenty-second year of the 21st century and the 3rd millennium.It was the third year of the 2020s and the second of the 3rd decade of the 21st century. The Allman Brothers Band. July 4th, 1976 Original Laminate. The event was held simultaneously on the American side at JFK Stadium (attended by 89,484 people) and on the UK side at Wembley Stadium, in London (attended by 72,000 people), as well as other venues in other countries. Led Zeppelin was scheduled to conclude their 1977 US Tour at the stadium, but the final 7 concerts of the tour were cancelled, due to the death of Robert Plant's 5-year-old son Karac. 1930). I do. [citation needed], The Frankford Yellow Jackets also played here intermittently until the team's demise in 1931. What a sound, what a vibe, what good music! I remember driving over with Dominic and someone else playing the The Who's Next. the fires and the fireworks at the end. My two best friends - and one of the guy's girlfriend. The show began with the Pousette D'Art Band, about which I recall nothing but a distance precence far away on a stifling afternoon. Lord have mercy. Yes / Peter Frampton / Gary Wright / the Pucet Dart Band. I was there and had forgotten some of what's been written, but I remember it now. Bicentennial Cup Tournament. So we did the same thing for this concert. The garbage fight was a highlight. The concert began at 8pm. In 1981, The Rolling Stones announced their World Tour via a press conference at JFK. i was 16 and a big yes fan. Hey Tom, remember all the drugs for sale in the parking lot? 1976 bicentennial concert jfk stadiumLabinsky Financial . Apparently in honor of the old stadium's football heritage and the Eagles' recent NFC championship, Jaggerwho performed in something resembling a pair of football trousers and knee pads for much of the tourat one point donned an Eagles jersey that became part of his '81-'82 stage wardrobe. My girlfriend, Arlene(wife now), and I will always remember that concert. = Team's stadium under construction or refurbishment at time 1 = A team used the stadium when their permanent stadium was unable to be used as a result of damage. This is a memorable day for me for many reasons. At one point somewhere there was just a hose of water. [12] By the time the World Cup was held in 1994, JFK Stadium had already been demolished two years prior. The sound was Great.Maraz taking over for Wakeman wasn't as good but he held his on.And then this eyethat looked like the space ship from war of the world(the original)came down from the top of the stage first there was one green light shooting out from it, then two,then four, and next thing the beams are all over the place.moving to the music.If you were high your still looking for a way out. Yes and Peter Frampton recreate '76 Philly concert tonight at Tower Theater. The stadium also played host to Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! We had a little help from Peter Frampton, who was doing very well at the time, to fill it out. I went up to Patrick and he did not speak great english and I got him to sign the back of my shirt, thanked him and walked over to the table. The north bleachers started with Section NA. then carry him back up again with the help of some cool strangers. I recall Jon Anderson's harp playing, and seeing Steve Howe and Chris Squire standing against the sharp wind that blew up. They did not perform live again for 15 years, until 1997. (they agreed). 1976 bicentennial concert jfk stadium. The original Led Zeppelin never played in the US again, although the surviving members performed at Live Aid. Bicentennial Cup Tournament. that concert was fantastic. The fight started kin the stage area and resembled the wave as it went around the stadium. Pop group The Jacksons performed for 4 sold-out shows in September 1984 during their Victory Tour in front of 200,000 in attendance, one of the largest audiences of the tour. Yes played on. Journey headlined a concert June 4, 1983. I thought he got the concert going. By Posted kyle weatherman sponsors In automann slack adjuster cross reference the crowd gave a groop sigh as they realised what was happening. They played Starship Trooper and the campers go wild. We'd procrastinated back in the spring and missed the Baltimore GD show, so nobody wanted to miss this one, and the huge size of the venue ensured it wouldn't sell out. [17] In 2010, the concert recording was released on a CD/DVD combination, titled Crimson White & Indigo. I knew he was soaking up the enrgy. I was thoroughly sun-burned and not a little stoned. oh holy night it was.wind kicked up during Gates of Deliriumblest to have been apart of one of the most remarkable concert experiences everand Leslie Bennett kissed me the night before and after.16 years oldhealing and inspiration, wonder and mysteryHep Yaddha. The walk took 18 minutes. A little quartet. May 1, 1974 John F. Kennedy High School, Plainview, NY. Damage to the stage was estimated at a million dollars as smoke came pouring out marring an otherwise great day of vintage Rolling Stones.

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